Case of Establishment of ‘MEGAZONE.DIGITAL Planet', the beginning of the metaverse journey.

to explore tomorrow,

Presenting a new world view of MEGAZONE as a leader in the digital field, organizing so that people can experience and be engaged with brands affiliated with MEGAZONE rather than simply publicizing them to show direction of the metaverse.

Study Tomorrow

MEGAZONE studies and observes how people work and enjoy to explore how humans and technology form an organic relationship.

Explore Tomorrow

MEGAZONE explores the following areas to help blur the lines between technology and customer experience

Go into Tomorrow.

MEGAZONE materializes an unreal future through construction of 'MEGAZONE Digital Planet' so that we can dream bigger, move faster, and create a better tomorrow.

Meet another world where reality and imagination coexist

The worldview that expresses MEGAZONE is shown in a planet of attractive species that want to provide new value to the digital world. You can experience an interesting story through Mega Crew characters embodying the members of the Mega Zone, a realistic world, various attractions, and interactions. You can experience various brands serviced by MEGAZONE in a gamification way. Through this, it is naturally linked to practical functions such as conferences and marketing to induce revisit. MEGAZONE is selling and providing goods that symbolize MEGAZONE so that people can be with MEGAZONE not only in digital services but also in metaverse life.

Expected Effects and Roadmap of MEGAZONE

In addition to Metaverse World, which was introduced as the first open beta service in October 2022, MEGAZONE has achieved success with its customers by exploring various web 3.0-based businesses through steady challenges and attempts. MEGAZONE is carrying out activities to strengthen internal stability, such as internalizing related technologies and establishing an interbrand by strengthening Mega Crew's solidarity. We also plan to secure resources and insights that will be useful in building future services from a mid- to long-term perspective through user data collection. In this way, we are researching to discover new business models through exploration and research on metaverse-based business models, and to establish a new roadmap for expanded digital marketing based on the discovery.

Metaverse Business Model

Source: Analysis of Deloitte Insights

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