Our Culture

Continuing concerns about technology for people

Open Communication
We encourage open dialogue and
constantly want to learn from each other.

Taking Initiative
We think fiercely, immerse ourselves, and work proactively.

Broad Mindset
We are always flexible, think one step ahead, and never neglect others’ efforts to take a broader view.

Mega Crew Benefit

Mega Crew is a combination of ‘Mega’, which symbolizes MEGAZONE, and ‘Crew’, which means a group gathered for a common purpose, to represent ‘Mega Zone people’.

Mega Crews’ family is a family of MEGAZONE.DIGITAL
Support for various family events and operation of a maternity protection system
Broad support for growth of Mega Crews
The Korean Academic Credit Bank System for employees (+ their families), e-library, education/seminar, support of purchasing applied books
Mega Crew Happiness Fund that can be freely spent
Welfare expenses of 1 million won per year
Provision of a comfortable working environment
Support for state-of-the-art equipment such as air purifiers and wide two monitors
If you are a Mega Crew, get its benefits honorably and confidently
Support for honorary allowance when performing duties at an external workplace
Pleasant consideration for Mega Crew
Using corporate credit card for personal use, in-house cafeteria and hourly split annual leave
Refreshing for tired Mega Crew
Discounts for designated resort and special vacation on staff’s birthday
digital step with Buddy
Providing welcome gifts to welcome new employees into the Buddy program of a mentor-mentee concept that welcomes and helps new members
Mega Crew's healthy physical strength is national strength
Discount for affiliated dental service and support for health checkup expenses for employees who have worked for more than 3 years