Building Kia Motors'
Next-generation Digital
Owner's Manual App


  • High maintenance cost and difficulty in using and checking the manual immediately when users want due to production of manuals for each vehicle in each language
  • Outputting AR by recognizing a car with an AR-type mobile app and outputting a guide video when a button symbol is selected


  • Supporting download of language packs for each country to respond to Kia Motors' global business network
  • Book and paper type owner manuals are converted into standard HTML5 content and provided to be viewed on various PCs and mobile devices.

Goal of Establishment

Development of an App-based Owner's Manual System Targeting Kia Motors Car Owners

Introduction Effects

  • Reduction of time and cost involved in producing and distributing existing manuals
  • Autonomous driving, error detection, face recognition, and demand forecasting using AI technology Introduction Effect

Technology and Service

  • Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Machine Learning
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