Case of Establishment of My Car Management Service ‘Muffin’ Full of Benefits

Non-stop process
from reservation for
gas station to payment,
natural choice
for my care

Muffin provides various services for the vehicle you drive, built as a platform where you can get gas at a “near and cheap” gas station, receive a car wash from a “safe and meticulous” car washer, and receive “various and overflowing” benefits.

This establishment project was conducted based on the following requirements.

  • Establishment of an integrated membership app for refueling and car wash
  • Provision of customer information-based product
  • Establishment of a reservation and payment system
  • Provision of coupons, points, vehicle maintenance, and driver insurance benefits through operation of the company's and other affiliated membership systems
  • Building an MSA-based cloud environment
  • Building an app for car washers’ business

Muffin is an O2O service platform based on gas and LPG charging offline franchise stores

Muffin makes database on frequent fueling habits in advance and uses location-based services to search for nearby and inexpensive gas stations. It collects mileage of the vehicle and informs when it is necessary to refuel, and through non-face-to-face refueling service using voice recognition technology, you can use the gas station as a non-stop service from reservation to payment. When a gas reservation is completed, activity rewards such as receipts, point accumulation, and coupons are provided through mobile to provide smooth O2O service

Muffin is a B2C platform that provides vehicle management services such as car wash, maintenance and parts replacement.

We have built a business that considers ‘when a user visits and when a service manager directly visits a parking lot’ through an affiliated system for entry, sale, and settlement of service specialized companies. Established an exclusive channel that provides services even within T-map linked to the service.

Muffin is a platform with MSA architecture of public cloud and on-premise.

MSA architecture was introduced by systematically linking public cloud, which operates services such as membership, and car wash, with on-premise APIs, which operates services such as refueling, charging, POS, and points.

Muffin is a platform where UI/UX is applied focusing on characteristics of platform and customer experience.

Considering characteristics of the platform, the ticket design implemented on a reservation basis and information of nearby gas stations are intuitively displayed on one screen. In addition, putting convenience of the scenario at the center, the scenario leading to the reservation system (vehicle → franchise→ product/option → reservation time → payment) was implemented with a simple UI/UX.

U/IUX design expressing
intuitive cognition
UI/UX design considering
characteristics of the platform
Customer experience-oriented
UI/UX design

Muffin is an essential platform for contact-free charging and car wash services in era of Covid-19.

The Muffin service, having improved the value of using a car, which is indispensable in our lives, is expected to be reborn as a more powerful service. With the flexibility and scalability of the infrastructure, it is built as an exclusive channel within T-map to provide services to more members, and then you can experience expanded mobility services such as parking, valet parking, and electric vehicle charging.

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Technology and Service

  • Service mesh & Istio
  • Docker & EFK
  • ZCP Istio Monitoring & Datadog
  • MicrofrontEnd & BackEndForFrontend
  • SpringCloudGateway & ConfigServer
  • Azure Cashe for Redis
  • Azure CDN, Jenkins Batch
  • GitLab
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