Case of Forming a Service Platform for Cloud Connected Car


  • Improving domestic CCS app to respond to an increasing number of subscribers with rapid distribution of new services
  • Improving customer experience and future-oriented brand value for connectivity


  • Completion of global 24x7 by introducing modern application structure
  • Development in Private Cloud based on MSA
  • Improvement of obsolete Gen1 Hardware and EOS Software

Goal of Establishment

Creating an environment where new services can be quickly applied and responding to subscriber growth

  • Building a cloud native application on a basis of Open Stack based private cloud and MSR architecture
  • MSR architecture for domestic service tasks of protocol of vehicle service (Interface)
  • Improvement and development of obsolete Gen1 hardware and EOS software in private cloud

Introduction Effect

  • Improvement of failure minimization architecture for existing mass transaction
  • Provision of MSA environment
  • Redevelopment of service programs based on MSA-oriented modern architecture
  • Reconstruction of work system based on service/Biz domain from system/new function-oriented task addition method
  • Redevelopment of Application of Obsolete Gen1 Server
  • Integration/modification work project for web administrator (business/admin) ~ operation after transfer
  • Securing MSA / Agile development capabilities / Performing roles for each stage

Technology and Service

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • MSA
  • Cloud Native
  • Pivotal Application Service
  • Pivotal GemFire
  • Pivotal MySQL
  • spring
  • kafka
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